Recover Lost or Deleted Data With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional

Written By Sam on 14 February 2017

One of the biggest nightmares with the computer systems is loosing your valuable data. There is no way that you can think ahead of time when your computer hardware fails or your Operating System crashes. As said by many wise men it is always a safe practise to take a backup of your important data – Docs, Photos, Videos, Audio and Emails. Though you might be taking frequent backup’s of your data there might be times when an unexpected issue comes up and you might loose your data. But, in these modern days with a sophisticated technology you can always get back most of your data using Data Recovery Tools. The problem here is choosing the best recovery software that helps you recover most of the data but at the same time that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one such software that helps you recover data from your computers and laptops.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is a Windows application that helps you to recover important files from your HDD and removable drives with different file systems including – NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32. You can also use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software to recover important email that were either deleted accidentally or lost because of a corrupted hard disk. With partially corrupted HDD’s you even have an option to create an image of a complete hard disk or partition and then scan the disk sectors to recover lost files.

The user interface of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is very simple yet provides many options to help you recover your files very easily. The main window allows you to “Select What To Recover” – All Data, Office Documents, Folders, Emails, Photos, Audio, Videos. The next screen allows you to choose a location or a partition or a disk image to scan for the lost files. Once you choose the desired file format and the partition you can start the scanning to search for the lost files. If you are not happy with the result of the quick scan, you can choose the ‘Deep Scan’ mode to scan the drive sector by sector.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Features

  • Simple yet intuitive GUI.
  • Preview files before recovering them.
  • Search Folders, Drives, Partitions and Lost Partitions.
  • Create images for later recovery of files.
  • Resume recovery option to recover data later on.
  • Supports more than 300 file formats.
  • Add new file types in the Advanced Settings.
  • Edit average file size that need to be searched for recovery.

Of all the features that are available, “Recover Lost Partition” and “Deep Scan” are my personal favourites. Recover Lost Partition option allows you to recover data from partitions that were accidentally deleted or were erased while upgrading the Operating System or while installing the second Operating System. The Deep Scan feature helps you get back hard to recover files by scanning all the sectors in your HDD.

How To Recover Lost Data With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional

  • Purchase, Download and Install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional on your Desktop or Laptop
  • Once you open the application, choose your desired files or All Data from ‘Select What To Recover’ screen.

  • On the next screen choose the common locations like ‘My Documents’ or your local drive. You can even choose a ‘Lost Partition’ or a ‘Disk Image’ that was created earlier. Now click ‘Scan’ to begin the process.

  • Once the scanning is completed the results are displayed. On this screen you can either choose files or folders to save to a new location. If you cannot locate what you are looking for, you can start the ‘Deep Scan’ to recover lost data.

  • On the Scan window once the recovered files and folders are displayed, choose the desired files/folders and save them to a new location.

You can also click on the Advanced Settings icon to choose other options like – ‘Turn Off Preview’, ‘File List’, ‘Add/Edit Header’, ‘Resume Recovery’ and others. Also while saving the files you can choose ‘Compression Option’ or ‘Add Filter’ to include or exclude a particular file type.

So, if you have lost your important documents, images, videos or other files and are looking to recover the same from your Windows Laptop or Desktop do try out Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional as this has the best GUI and a simple step-by-step interface. You can even try out the free version (You can only recover up to 1GB of data) before you purchase Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional.

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