Avanquest Giving Away Powerdesk Pro 7; Download for Free with Genuine License Serial Key

Written By Sam on 1 November 2010

Heard of Avanquest Software’s Powerdesk Pro 7? It’s a professional and user-friendly Windows file manager application that will fulfill all your file management needs. With 6 file utilities all rolled into one comprehensive package, the new Powerdesk Pro 7 will give you a simple and effective solution to help manage files, photos, MP3s and web images on your Windows PC.

Powerdesk Pro 7 makes it super simple and super convenient to copy, move, zip, organize, color code, search, convert and prioritize your files. Some features that make the Avanquest Powerdesk Pro 7 stand out are:

  • The Advanced File Finder
  • The Multi-Pane File Viewer
  • The Archive Manager that allows the use of 30 popular compression formats.
  • Powerful search files, which include searching inside archives.
  • Adding comments to files, change folder icons and colors, a special panel with file information.
  • Encryption options using PowerDesk encryption or DES.
  • Synchronization of folders for easy sharing with other PCs, laptops or backup.
  • Batch format conversions of 30 graphic files together.
  • Launch and edit MP3 and other media files.
  • Easy FTP Utility & Support.

And like that wasn’t enough, Avanquest is giving its interested users an opportunity to download and experience the full version of the Avanquest Powerdesk Pro 7 absolutely free. Where you would normally be paying $39.95, you can now get this product for free by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit Avanquest’s promotion page on http://register.avanquest.com/ABSOFT/produits/Promotion/enregistrement_presse/register_cov_gd.cfm?idcgd=502 and complete the simple registration form.
  2. Wait for your free license code to the Avantquest Powerdesk Pro 7 to be delivered to your e-mail address.
  3. Download the setup installer from ftp://ftp2.avanquest.com/pub/PowerDesk_Pro_7.0.1.1.exe and follow the installation process to start using your new file manager application.

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