Organize and Manage Personal Finances With AceMoney Lite Freeware

Written By Sam on 14 July 2010

Managing budgets are quite difficult and it is very necessary to track our expenses. AceMoney Lite which is a freeware personal finance manager helps to track our expenses, manage budgets, track performance of investments and does much more. Your personal finance management becomes so easy with AceMoney Lite. All features available in AceMoney is present in AceMoney Lite except for the Multiple accounts management feature. So to manage your home, AceMoney grants you all the necessary feature, even it can support accounting needs of users running a small business.

Features Of AceMoney Lite

  • Create and Manage budgets: It comes with 100 pre defined spending categories, this enables users to set up budget limit for each of the available category and track the difference between actual and budgeted values.
  • Supports multiple currencies: AceMoney software supports upto 150 different currencies, and the exchange rates are automatically downloaded from internet.
  • Track your expenses category wise: Now with AceMoney you can create any report by categories or payors/payees. So now you can easily look at amount spent on food, clothing, provision etc. This also enables users to identify all withdrawals and deposits by any parameter.
  • On line banking information tracking: Users can also download and import information from online banks in QIF and QFX formats. People running small business can export to HTML, Text or CSV formats to generate statements or do complex statistical analysis.
  • Tracking investment activities: Tracking any kind of investment activities becomes easy with AceMoney, so now you can track 401k, Stock options and Employee Stock Purchase Plans. Users do not have to enter the stock manually, since the software downloads it from the internet.
  • Bills reminder: AceMoney takes full control over all your bills and reminds when the bills has to be paid.
  • Managing debts and Mortgage payments: Using the loan calculator you can plan debt payments and if you have any idea to invest on real estate then mortgage calculator helps you to estimate future mortgage payments.
  • E-business with AceMoney: AceMoney automates inputs of orders which are from PayPal, RegNow, RegSoft, SWReg and Plimus. Users in Shareware business also find this useful.
  • Password protection for each file: Each file can be password protected and also AceMoney lets you enjoy many features even though users are not well versed in accounting.

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