Open Source Media Framework & Text Layout Framework From Adobe

Written By Sam on 23 July 2009

Two new open source frameworks are available at Adobe Open Source( Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) and Text Layout Framework (TLF). Open Source at Adobe presents the definitive view into open source activities at Adobe and on the site you will also find information that will help you get involved and keep up with the latest work in the Adobe open source community.


Open Source Media Framework(OSMF), originally part of strobe initiative, aimed to establish an open standard for custom Flash-based media players. This includes an API which allows third-party advertising and reporting metrics which works alongside the standard video player features like buffering, dynamic streaming and video navigation. With the help of open source media framework, developers can easily assemble pluggable components to create high-quality, full featured playback experiences. Collaborative Development for web video monetization is enabled by the open aspect of the framework, with low cost and faster turnaround.

Text Layout Framework(TLF) being an extensible ActionScript library which runs on top of the Flash Player 10 and Adobe Air to bring rich typographic controls more sophisticated than that are available in HTML and CSS. These text features are the same which were shown when Flash 10 premiered, supporting bi-directional languages, ligatures and text wrapping around inline images. The framework is designed to be used with Adobe Flex or Adobe Flash Professional and is included in Flex 4.

These two frameworks are designed to give developers open source tools to improve the value of their products.

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