Microsoft Opening Up Windows Phone 7 to Developers: Indirectly Invites Geohot for Talks!

Written By Sam on 20 January 2011

When Chevron released its jailbreaking tool for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft was quick to react, getting into talks with the developers to take the tool off while initiating a dialogue for better interaction. The two will interact this week and it will be interesting to see what transpires.

This seems to have impressed Geohot, the scourge of the iOS world with his famous Limera1n exploit tool for the Apple Devices, who was prompted to post a tongue-in-cheek message on his site indirectly applauding this gesture of Microsoft in dealing with jailbreakers (as opposed to Apple’s vehement opposition).

More interesting is an indirect response from Brendon Watson, Director of Windows Phone 7 to Geohot’s message inviting him to get in touch for possible cooperation between Microsoft and Developers for development of more versatile apps for this platform since jailbreakers have always proved to be very innovative.

This opens up interesting possibilities for Windows Phone 7 should the cooperation between jailbreakers and Microsoft proceed to the next level.

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