Microsoft InkSeine – Prototype Inking Application for Tablet PC and UMPC Device

Written By Sam on 30 October 2009

Microsoft InkSeine is a prototype inking application for devices like Tablet PC and UMPC, which offers a unique ability to search for objects directly from ink and to drag hyperlinks for documents and web pages into your notes. InkSeine helps in getting the information easily without switching into a separate search application. You can circle a handwritten phrase within your notes to create a query with InkSeine. The query persists in place as an icon which gets saved in perpetuity, just like any other part of notes.

InkSeine can be used to create a Web Search, for example let us assume a web search for “Windows 7 News”, this search will exist continuously which can be revisited whenever you want to see the updates of “Windows 7” on the web.


InkSeine helps you with project collaboration also. You can search for collaborator’s name and by using a couple of quick pen gestures you can filter the search to show only the recent e-mails. Then, whenever you context-switch to that project, you can simply reopen the search with the flick of a pen and see all the recent correspondence. When the items you need are revealed in the searches then by dragging any document, e-mail, or web page into your notes as an icon which lets you retrieve the document in fractions of seconds.

InkSeine gathers all the required information for your project. InkSeine is a tool which lets you get the most out of inking on you tablet. InkSeine helps you to gather and annotate all the information needed quickly and easily.

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