Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

Written By Sam on 28 December 2016

Windows 10 is the new entry in the Windows Operating system league. Scrutinizing its advantages, organizations are upgrading their operating system to enhance business operations and boost productivity. However, the innovative features of the new system might not suit every organization. There might be circumstances when user wants to switch back to the older version. The technical team of Microsoft is quite a savior in such a situation, but in this entire process it is important that the entire integrity of the Windows data should be on top of the priority list.

Unfortunately, valid backup in most of the occasions is neglected by Windows users, due to which user may land to serious data loss or data corruption. Several other ambiguous conditions result in Windows data corruption such as accidental deletion of files or directory, virus intrusion, abrupt system closure, hardware or software malfunction and hard disk failure. These issues lead to absence of an important Windows data element, which may further affect the accessibility of entire Windows data. However, a perfect Windows data recovery like Kernel for Windows Data recovery tool can prove to be a boon for the users who are going through such catastrophic situations.

Kernel for Windows data recovery

We have tested and tried Kernel for Windows Data recovery tool applying various situations and its features proved advantageous in every situation. We recommend user to try its trial version first as it justifies its value there itself by recovering the necessary data and empowering users with preview functionality to verify the recovered content in detail. It is a feasible tool for those who are not acquainted with technical insight of the Windows Operating system. The tool follows a simple recovery procedure followed customized restoration of data. Let us explore its benefits one by one.

Features of Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool:

•    Versatile Recovery Modes:
Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool avails three feasible recovery modes to satisfy the recovery demand of user in every situation. Its highly intuitive recovery modes meticulously eliminate the errors and repair the data as per the user requirements. The three recovery modes are:
1.    Quick Scan: Best for quick restoration of recently corrupted data
2.    Extensive Scan: An advanced version of quick scan mode for the recovery of corrupt disk partitions
3.    File Trace: Mode to be used in severe corruption state to reinstate every sector of the corrupt disk


•    In-depth Data Verification:
Kernel for Windows Data recovery tool offers option to view each recovered file folder of Windows data in detail. User can easily select the file from the recovered file list (enlisted in hierarchy) and view its each and every detail in the preview pane. This functionality is availed in the demo version so that a user can get satisfied with the software’s result in advance.


•    Restoration of Comprehensive Data:
This Windows data recovery tool has been designed to fix all kind of issues associated with data stored in any Windows Operating system. It is effective with all Windows versions inclusive of Windows 10. The tool offers the recovery of deleted data, missing file, damaged FAT and NTFS partition, error messages and formatted partitions of hard disk. User can also customize the recovery of the files.


•    Support to different file formats:
This Windows data recovery tool comprehensively supports various kinds of data drives carrying numerous files of different file formats. It recovers all file formats carrying graphics, documents, media, archives, database and web related data. Drives like USB, PEN, SCSI, DATA, EIDE, ZIP and IDE can be easily recovered with the help of this versatile tool.


•    Intrinsic File Tracer:
The software avails automatic file tracing functionality that helps a user in finding the exact data, which is required to be recovered. Windows data carry enormous amount of FAT and NTFS files, so it becomes difficult for a user to track down the corrupt file. However, this option resolves user’s issue in seconds by reinstating the required file/ folder/ partition.


•    Customized File Restoration:
Kernel for Windows data recovery tool avails option to customize the restoration of the files as it allows a user to apply various filters before saving the recovered data. Filters like file types (doc., .jpg, .mpg) can be applied to obtain the desired results. Various filters or search patterns can be added at a time to acquire the required files discarding unnecessary data.



Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool is a convenient Windows data recovery tool that offers easy options to get user the desired results and it is extremely easy to operate. Any windows user can obtain its facility to reinstate corrupt Windows data instantly. The demo version of the tool gives a clear picture of the tool’s working methodology. In case of any issues with the licensed version a user can seek help of the user guide or can contact technical team at any time via phone, email or live chat.

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