iPad Gets Solar System App; Permits Close View Of the Solar System

Written By Sam on 9 January 2011

Apple devices have one thing in common: a user can be engrossed in these devices, playing games or trying any of the countless apps he may have downloaded.

One new such app that promises to keep an iPad user busy is an eBook Solar System by Marcus Chown, which has got pages and pages of information on the entire solar system that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

The eBook has background music by Bjork. This eBook contains hundreds of pages that are profusely illustrated with all aspects of the solar system and its planets. Meant specifically for the iPad users, it will teach you a lot about the solar system, the galaxy and the planets. Eye-catching illustrations and text combine to deliver an informative and educational content.

It is priced at only $13 and for this price the amount of information contained is massive and delivers value for money in terms of texts and pictures. Pics are high resolution and there are also some that can be zoomed in for a magnified look to view details never before seen and this is something which exonerates the higher price tag. Just for the content alone this is one worth having.

Download Solar System for iPad [iTunes Link]

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