Rumors Suggest iOS 4.3 Will be Released on December 13

Written By Sam on 25 November 2010

Latest rumors doing the rounds suggest that iOS 4.3 may be released as early as December 13. Not many are convinced Apple will do it considering that the iOS 4.2.1 was only released a few days back. However, there are co-related rumors that lead us to think that another new version iOS may actually be available soon.

In fact, we may recall rumors have been floating around for sometime that Apple is working to launch an iPad-focused news app in association with News Corp. There are enough hints to suggest a December 9th release for the said app. It is believed that Apple will be instrumental in developing recurring subscription billing APIs for iTunes and Apple ID accounts. Many have noted this functionality was not included in the latest iOS 4.2.1. Logically, another software update may seem imperative.

In addition, we have been hearing reports quoting a ‘reliable source’ of MacStories as saying that iOS 4.3 release in December 13 may, in fact, be a reality. However, the same source is understood to have noted that since the release of iOS 4.2.1 was delayed, it may end up deferring the date of release of the new version iOS 4.3. Watch this space for more.

via MacStories

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