Google Goggles Faster and Smarter than Ever Before; Can Even Solve Sudoku

Written By Sam on 11 January 2011

Google’s Android needs no introduction and its mobile apps are a connoisseur’s delight. One of its worthwhile developments is Goggles. Point your mobile with Goggles within it and the app will try to figure what it is looking at and will do so quite successfully in most of the cases. Jawdropping!

Even more awesome now is the improved Goggles 1.3 client for Android. Simply point it at a print ad in a newspaper or a magazine and it will recognize the ad and will return search results. How’s that? That is one feature. The other is that it can solve Sudoku puzzles. Amazing.

Yet another interesting feature is its ability to read barcodes. While shopping at a store, one can get information on a product simply by scanning the barcode on the item and this is done faster with this improved version. Simply launch Goggles and hover the device over the barcode or the QR code and in a few seconds results about the product are displayed. Tap on the result to get product reviews, availability in stores and compare prices.

Take a picture of an ad in a newspaper or a magazine with Goggles active and your device displays search results from the web about the product. This works for ads in US magazines and newspapers appearing since August 2010.

Goggles with an iPhone can recognize puzzles and provide answers helping solve Sudoku very easily. Simply take a clear photo and you will get the solution. So does this give your brain a rest or what!

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