Get Norton Internet Security 2010 Free For 90 Days

Written By Sam on 25 December 2009

Norton Internet Security 2010 offers quick and light comp Internet threat protection. It protects your Computer, online activities network, and all your information with advanced, intelligent detection technologies to battle today’s belligerent, quick-fire online menaces. This new improved Norton Safe Web technology blocks all possible Internet threats before reaching your PC. So you can browse, surf, buy and transfer money online with full safety. It also helps you by warning you of unsafe web sites if there is any in your search results. In addition, as other web-based security suites, it also provides easy-to-understand menace and functioning information to alert you to prevent your PC from future threats and keep your PC safe and it also helps to work fast.

Fundamental Benefits of Norton Internet Security 2010

  • Blocks online fraud, spyware, bots, viruses, Trojans and also protects your PC, from unsafe online activities with ample award-winning protection versus all kinds of Web-based menace.
  • Stops all types of internet threat attacks before they reach your PC and blocks hackers from getting at your PC and keeps unsafe software away from the PC. Protects you computer from all kinds of harm or steal your identity from mechanically transferring onto your PC when you browse the internet.
  • Reports regularly with threat explanations and also explains you how these unsafe files and applications affect PC execution, and avoid future attacks too.
  • Classifies dangerous web sites directly from search results and alerts you about that site using this technology you can avoid seeing sites which cause troubles to your PC.
  • Using intelligence-driven technology you can make your PC to work faster, without any worry.

Get Norton Internet Security 2010 Free For 90 Days

Norton Internet Security 2010 provides many advanced features to protect your computer from internet threat

Intelligent Protection

  • The new Norton IdentitySafe active helps you to access your most up-to-date log-ins and passwords on any Norton Internet Security 2010 protected PC.
  • New improved Norton Safe Web detects and blocks all unsafe and dangerous web sites directly from your search results.
  • It also analyzes downloads, files, documents and applications and assures you if they can be sure trusted to install and to use them.
  • New Parental Controls give you brainstorm into your kids’ online activities helps you to teach good Internet habits to your kids.
  • New Professional-strength antispam protection applies the same technology which is used in many large businesses to efficaciously block junk emails.
  • The improved Norton Protection System offers multiple layers of security and also provides comprehensive Internet threat protection.
  • Norton IdentitySafe offers one-click log-ins and automatic form filling to protect key loggers from information theft.
  • Improved Vulnerability Protection guards protect your operating system, browsers and browser plug-ins and applications.
  • The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool repairs, fixes and boots badly infected, unbootable PCs.
  • Industry-leading anti-phishing technology validates safe websites and protects you from unsafe and fake web sites visit.

Specially Engineered for Speed

  • This is proven for fast, and it is the lightest security suite to protect your PC and won’t let your computer to slow down.
  • Improved Norton Insight scans the files very fast.
  • Uses only less memory when compared with any other security suite.
  • You can work in the same speed whatever you do. So you can download, copy, or edit files, or install applications at your working time itself.

Fights today’s quick-fire online threats

  • The new Norton Insight Network offers real-time protection from all types of latest-breaking Internet menace using Symantec’s global security network.
  • SONAR 2 uses online intelligence activity and proactive supervising to find and block new threats.
  • Norton Pulse Updates offers rapid mini updates every 5 to 15 minutes which helps to detect the latest local security against the up-to-the-minute threats.
  • Detects and removes rootkits.
  • Prevents Internet worms from getting on your Computer.

Provides information on Internet threats

  • New Norton Download Insight cautions you about the treacherous downloads before you install them.
  • Norton Threat Insight informs the detail information about the threat and how it performs on your system to damage your files, and also it explains how Norton Internet Security extinguished those threats.
  • The new Norton File Insight tells you from where the files and apps came, if they’re trusted, and also howthose files and apps are useful to you.

Keeps your PC to work with top speed

  • Automatic and on-demand application optimization amends application performance in better way.
  • The Norton System Insight tells you about the recent events on your PC like downloads, installs, scans and detected threats and everything.
  • New–Norton System Insight supply usage graphs which pinpoints you about the cause of your PC to slow down.

Protection without commotion

  • Automatically checks product updates and also other tasks without your presence.
  • New Power Saver Settings helps your portable PC battery to stand for long time by putting off power-intensive activities.
  • Smart Scheduler conducts scans and other tasks are done only when your computer is idle.
  • Automatically switches to Silent Mode while you are playing games or watching movies in full-screen mode.

Additional Features include monthly report about what Norton Internet Security has done for past month to protect your PC; Free 24×7 support by email, phone, live chat or online knowledge base; Automatically downloads protection updates to protect your PC in better way.

Download Free 90-day Introductory Subscription of Norton Internet Security 2010

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