Find CPU, GPU, System, HardDisk Temperature and Fan Speeds With SpeedFan

Written By Sam on 29 August 2010

There may be times when you want to find the CPU and system temperatures. Though this information can be retrieved from the BIOS, we might need the data when the CPU is running at it’s peak. In these situations you will find SpeedFan to be useful as it shows you detailed information about your CPU, GPU, System and HDD temperatures. I recently used this when my system was freezing very frequently. SpeedFan helped me to find out that my CPU is running very hot when it’s at the peak. I quickly solved the issue by cleaning the CPU fan and adding an additional fan.

SpeedFan displays the temperatures and fan speed by accessing some features available in some hardware monitor chip or some other special hardware. You can also find your CPU’s temperature by leaving your system idle for a few minutes, to let temperatures drop, and then go to 100% usage for a while. The temperature that rises faster is the one you are searching for. SpeedFan also reads the S.M.A.R.T. (SMART) data of your HDD and reports about its health and performance. Totally SpeedFan is a handy utility which helps you to find the system temperatures very easily.

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