Extract Images, Videos & MP3 From Firefox Cache With MozillaCacheView

Written By Sam on 15 July 2009

Sometimes we may need to extract files like images, videos, mp3’s etc present in the browsers cache. If you have come across a situation like that and if you are using Firefox you can then try out MozillaCacheView. MozillaCacheView is a simple freeware utility which can read the cache folder of Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape Web browsers. It can display all the files that are currently stored in the cache. I installed MozillaCacheView on my Windows 7 laptop when I was looking for a MP3 song that’s playing in a website.


MozillaCacheView doesn’t need any installation. For each cache file MozillaCacheView displays the URL, Content type, File size, Last modified time, Last fetched time, Expiration time, Fetch count, Server name and lot more. You can select one or more files from the cache list and extract them to another folder or copy the URL’s list to the clipboard. You can use MozillaCacheView to view the contents of your friends cache folder also. Though officially not mentioned, it is working fine in Windows 7 also.

Download MozillaCacheView

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