Download IObit Toolbox To Fix Common Windows Issues and Repair PC Problems

Written By Sam on 21 July 2010

System administrators encounter numerous PC problems every other day. The problems need to be diagnosed and then fixed. Some issues require a clean-up to optimize the system performance, some others may require enhancement of security to repair a problem. Whatever may be the PC problem is, IOBit Toolbox has the tool for it.

IOBit Toolbox is a free portable application that has over 20 dedicated tools that allow the administrator to perform 5 important functions, viz Clean, optimize, Repair, provide Security and Control the PC. Simply put, these tools help in diagnosis of PC data, Optimization of PC’s performance, enhancement of PC security and repairing PC problems, if any.

Features Of IOBit Toolbox Free Portable App

  • Free and portable: This application can be downloaded for free. However, other similar applications available on the internet can cost you over 200$. Moreover, this can be carried along in any portable device like Flash disk or a USB port. This application is 14.4MB and does not occupy much of disk space. There is no restriction on its use and it can be used either for commercial purposes or non-commercial purposes.
  • Multitasking Toolset: Each of the 20 tools can perform its task to perfection. Also, it is easy to use, enabling the system administrator to easily understand and fix the problems.
  • Customized tool set: The system administrator can customize this toolbox to have his/her Company name.

Thus with a host of benefits, IOBit Toolbox has to be an integral part of a system administrator’s Tool kit.

Download IOBit Toolbox

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  1. Erik Fan says:

    Hey! Thanks for your recommendation, I tried this free iobit toolbox. Its awesome to have this software without any cost. There are real over 20 tools of options. AWESOME!

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