[Download] Google Talk With Invisible Mode Available as Part of Google Talk, Labs Edition Experimental Release

Written By Sam on 3 November 2010

One of the most widely used online chat clients Google Talk has been waiting to include the ‘invisible’ mode that allows users to be online even when they appear offline to their contacts. They can remain ‘invisible’ till the time they are ready to be detected by changing to the ‘available’ mode.

However, while we still wait for the Google Talk client to get an official upgrade, there is a ‘beta’ version of Google Talk that has a default invisible mode. This beta version is part of the Google Labs edition that users can activate and use through their accounts.

Google has a number of applications that are in the development phase and are open to users for experimental and testing purposes, but have not been rolled out or incorporated in the main Google software. The ‘invisible’ feature is currently part of this testing process.

Among other features, the lab edition provides desktop notifications from Gmail, Orkut and the Calendar – which comes with an in built snooze option too. If you do want to try the Lab Edition of Google Talk you can download it here.

Facts about Google Talk, Labs Edition:

  • An experimental release of the Google Talk
  • Features Google Talk Gadget, including instant messaging, emoticons, and group chat
  • Comes with new desktop notifications from Calendar, Orkut, and Gmail
  • Currently only available for Windows PCs
  • Compatible with Windows Vista
  • Currently available in English only
  • Some features like voice calling and file transfer from the Google Talk client did not make it into this version.

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