Download Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta(Flex Builder) From Adobe Labs

Written By Sam on 2 June 2009

Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta is available for download on Adobe Labs. Flex Builder is actually renamed as Flash Builder as Adobe felt that the change in name creates a clear distinction between the free open-source Flex framework and the commercial IDE. Adobe Flash Builder 4 has got new design-centric, data-centric, and developer productivity features in the beta.


Many new features have been added into Adobe Flash Builder 4 and many of the existing features are improved. The three main themes to this release are Developer Productivity, Designer/Developer Workflow and Data-centric application development.

New features in Flash Builder 4 beta

Developer Productivity: Whether your applications have been started through the workflow or built on services, at the end of the day application development is about writing and testing code. Adobe Builder 4 beta delivers a list of improved features to make your day to day coding and testing more productive:

  • Debugging, refactoring and profiler have been improved with some of the most requested enhancements.
  • The debugger adds conditional breakpoints, watchpoints, run-to-line and an expression evaluator.
  • Profiler now includes an improved “Object References” report and Move refactoring has been added.

Designer-Developer Workflow: It is all about empowering better collaboration between developers using Flash Builder and the users of Adobe’s creative tools, with the emphasis on two key products: Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Catalyst beta.

Data-centric development with Flash Builder 4 beta comprises three main stages – Defining a data/service model, Binding service operations to Flex components and Implementing advanced data features like paging and data-management

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