Droid Explorer Allows You to Manage a Rooted Android Phone from Windows Explorer

Written By Sam on 31 October 2010

Heard of Droid Explorer? You may have taken a guess from the name. It is an app for users with rooted Google Android phones and allows them to manage their devices on Windows. With this tool users can apply update files, take screen shots, browse through phone files, copy files locally using drag & drop and also reboot a device into recovery mode. It’s free and open-source.

Here are some more facts and features of the Droid Explorer:

  • Compatible with Cyanogen’s ROM; usually works on rooted devices with Busybox installed
  • Enables browsing the file system, backing up, syncing data and installing/uninstalling app, debug console, ROM updates, SQLite exploring. (Apply discretion in using the tools lest you brick it)
  • Send SMS massages
  • Capture screenshots and video
  • Shut down your phone without click through menus.

Droid Explorer is beta software. It would, therefore, be wise to confirm compatible devices before trying this app.

Download Droid Explorer

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