Download Apache Tomcat v7.0.0 With Support for Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 and EL 2.2

Written By Sam on 1 July 2010

Apache Tomcat, an open source servlet container developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has been updated to version 7.0. Introduced 10 years ago, Apache Tomcat forms the basis of developing commercial products for many companies worldwide. The updated version, Apache Tomcat 7.0 comprises of latest servlets and server pages along with all other major releases of the project since 2006.

Open source Java Web server, Tomcat 7.0 implements Java Servlet 3.0, JavaServer Pages 2.2 and Expression Language 2.2 specifications thus making Web framework integration much easier. Simplifying coding and deploying complex web applications, Tomcat 7.0 offers impressive development features to create applications. Being lightweighted and more reliable, this improvised version includes a memory- leak detection feature that helps developers to avoid problems in JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and third-party libraries that cause memory leaks in the applications.

With more than 10 million downloads for its previous version, Tomcat 7.0 is certain to get more number of hits worldwide. Apache Tomcat 7.0, the latest version of the popular open source Java Web server can be downloaded from the ASF website.

Download Apache Tomcat 7.0

Apache Tomcat 7.0 Official Changelog

Tomcat 7.0.0 (markt)


  • Update Servlet support to the Servlet 3.0 specification. (all) 
  • Improve and document VirtualWebappLoader. (rjung) 
  • Add prestartminSpareThreads attribute for Executor. (jfclere) 
  • Switch from AnnotationProcessor to InstanceManager. Patch provided by David Jecks with modifications by Remy. (remm/fhanik) 
  • Make shutdown address configurable. (jfclere) 
  • Add some missing control checks to ThreadWithAttributes. (markt) 
  • Add a startup class that does not require any configuration files. (costin) 
  • Log if temporary file operations within the CGI servlet fail. Make sure header Reader is closed on failure. (markt) 
  • Delete references to DefaultContext which was removed in 6.0.x. (markt) 
  • Initial implementation of an asynchronous file handler for JULI. (fhanik) 
  • Give session thisAccessedTime and lastAccessedTime clear semantics. (rjung) 
  • Expose thisAccessedTime via Session interface. (rjung) 
  • Provide a log format for JULI that provides the same information as the default but on a single line. (markt) 
  • Provide the ability to configure the Executor job queue size and a timeout for adding jobs to the queue. (fhanik) 
  • Add support for aliases to StandardContext. This allows content from other directories and/or WAR files to be mapped to paths within the context. (markt) 
  • Provide clearer definition of Lifecycle interface, particularly start and stop, and align components that implement Lifecycle with this definition. (markt) 
  • Provide a new option to control the copying of context XML descriptors from web applications to the host’s xmlBase. Copying of XMl descriptors is now disabled by default. (markt) 
  • Move comet classes from the org.apache.catalina package to the org.apache.catalina.comet package to allow comet to work under a security manager. (markt) 


  • Port SSLInsecureRenegotiation from mod_ssl. This requires to use tomcat-native 1.2.21 that have option to detect this support from OpenSSL library. (mturk) 
  • Allow bigger AJP packets also for request bodies and responses using the packetSize attribute of the Connector. (rjung) 
  • Make Java socket options consistent between NIO and JIO connector. Expose all the socket options available on (fhanik) 
  • The writer returned by getWriter() now conforms to the PrintWriter specification and uses platform dependent line endings rather than always using \r\n. (markt) 
  • Use tc-native 1.2.x which is based on APR 1.3.3+ (mturk) 
  • NIO connector now always uses an Executor. (fhanik) 
  • Implement keepAliveCount for NIO connector in a thread safe manner. (fhanik) 
  • Implement keep alive timeout for NIO connector. (fhanik) 


  • Update JSP support to the JSP 2.2 specification. (markt) 
  • Update EL support to the EL 2.2 specification. (markt) 
  • Use “1.6” as the default value for compilerSourceVM and compilerTargetVM options of Jasper. (kkolinko) 
  • Add support for limiting the number of JSPs that are loaded at any one time. Based on a patch by Isabel Drost. (markt) 
  • Access TLD files through a new JarResource interface to make extending Jasper simpler, particularly in OSGi environments. Patch provided by Jarek Gawor. (markt) 

High Availability

  • Add support for UDP and secure communication to tribes. (fhanik) 
  • Add versioning to the tribes communication protocol to support future developments. (fhanik) 
  • Add a demo on how to use the payload. (fhanik) 
  • Started to add JMX support to the cluster implementation. (markt) 
  • Minor fixes to the throughput interceptor and the NIO receiver. (fhanik) 
  • Additional checks for the NIO receiver. (fhanik) 
  • Improve error message when multicast is not enabled. (fhanik) 

Web applications

  • Update changelog to support the <rev> element in the documentation. (fhanik) 
  • A number of additional roles were added to the Manager and Host Manager applications to separate out permissions for the HTML interface, the text interface and the JMX proxy. (markt) 
  • CSRF protection was added to the Manager and Host Manager applications. (markt) 
  • List array elements in the JMX proxy output of the Manager application. (rjung) 


  • A new JmxRemoteLifecycleListener that can be used to fix the ports used for remote JMX connections, eg when using JConsole. (markt) 


  • Added in a Bayeux protocol implementation built on top of the Tomcat CometProcessor interface. (fhanik) 


  • Numerous code clean-up changes including the use of generics and removing unused imports, fields, parameters and methods. (markt) 
  • All deprecated internal code has been removed. Warning: If you have custom components for a previous Tomcat version that extend internal Tomcat classes and override deprecated methods it is highly likely that they will no longer work. (markt) 
  • Parameterize version number throughout build scripts and source. (rjung)
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