PopCap Games Launches Small Games Label 4th and Battery; Unleashes Unpleasant Horse

Written By Sam on 7 April 2011

Casual games company PopCap Games has launched 4th & Battery, an experimental label where PopCap’s designers and developers will have free space to create “smaller, simpler, and sometimes edgier games without the typical constraints of an established global games publisher.” 4th & Battery was announced with the introduction the label’s first game, Unpleasant Horse.

The game is about “a strikingly unpleasant horse.” How unpleasant? Well, it sports wings and advances by destroying small birds and “landing on more pleasant horses from above”. But it doesn’t look too alarming. The company informs, “Landing atop other horses enables the player to force them earthward into a perpetual meat grinder for extra points and special bonuses”. Ok, that sounds unpleasant — probably why the game is meant for mature audiences. It will be available for free later this month for the iPhone and iPod touch through the Apple App Store.

Looking forward, PopCap feels 4th & Battery will be a “a pressure valve intended to keep our heads from exploding.” The new label is expected to produce several new games, mainly small-scale, arcade-style games for various platforms inclusing PC, Facebook and iPhone. It is expected that some of the content from this label, like Unpleasant Horse, will be aimed at mature audiences.

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