Windows Phone 7 Update Likely in Feb, Rumored To be Called ‘NoDo’

Written By Sam on 9 January 2011

Microsoft may apparently follow the Windows path when it comes to providing bug fixes and updates to Windows Phone 7. Windows has got updates in the form of service packs, which are released periodically.

The latest buzz is Windows Phone 7 has an update scheduled for this year. The first is expected to be called ‘NoDo’ (remember Android’s Donut update that wasn’t so much of an update?). Microsoft’s WP7 update is expected to be released early next month. This update is expected to feature a ‘copy and paste’ function and driver/support for Qualcomm 7×30 smart phone chipset, CDMA location stack in addition to minor fixes.

In the latter part of this year, a major update, likely to be termed ‘Mango’, is expected. This is likely to feature Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support, including the Trident 5 rendering engine, Silverlight plug in support and gesture support. Mango is also likely to include new entertainment features.

Microsoft apparently is taking the Windows route (periodic release of service packs) to updates and fixing bugs. Users surely appreciate the way others provide bug fixes the instant they are noticed rather than accumulating them and releasing all in one lot. Perhaps, Microsoft will learn to take a leaf out of their book?

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