Download Swype Beta Updated With Improved Prediction Algorithm

Written By Sam on 13 September 2010

A new updated version of Swype beta is available for those Smartphones that doesn’t come with Swype pre-installed. For the uninitiated, Swype allows a user to enter a word by sliding a finger or stylus from letter to letter, lifting only between words. It uses error correcting algorithms and includes a tapping predictive text system to arrive at the intended word.

The new beta comes with improvements in word prediction algorithms, handling gesture collisions want/wasn’t, to/too and so on, new language options and bug fixes. Based on feedback from users, Swype has made certain important changes to the keyboard through this new update. For starters, now the company claims the software will not hang or crash while extracting information from the user’s address book to make entries to your dictionary. The new version comes with support for two new languages, German and Portuguese, and ‘quick language switch short-cut gesture’ (Swpye from Swype key to the Q key).

In the latest version of Swype, the single letter ‘i’ will no longer be auto-capitalised in non-English languages like in the previous version. Now, you will be able to Swype from the spacebar to backspace. These and similar other features are expected to make Swyping experience better. If you are not a Swype user yet, you need to undergo a registration process to get going.

However, users who have Swype pre-installed on their mobile phones have been advised to ‘Stay away’ from this update, unless they have been intimated by Swype to do so.

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  1. Tapas says:

    I download the software but this came out to be a trial version…how do i buy the full version…or where do i get the full version?

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