Sprint Removes Details of Palm Pre; Device to be No Longer Sold by the Carrier

Written By Sam on 17 November 2010

The smartphone that was launched on June 5, 2009 as the comeback device for Palm and broke record sales figures for Sprint, who launched the device, is now most likely to see its end very soon. For Sprint, the Palm Pre created history by making a single day’s and a single weekend’s sales go up to an unprecedented number. But recent events indicate that the days of the Palm Pre are pretty much numbered.

It has been noticed that Sprint has removed the details of this device from its website. Adding to the speculation is a recent revelation by a tech enthusiastic blog PreCentral.net about a leaked document it has obtained, which apparently has a report stating that the Palm Pre has been given an EOL status.

EOL or End-Of-Line means that the device will no longer be sold by the carrier. Only the number of handsets remaining in their inventory, which happens to be only a couple hundred, will be slowly sold out through telesales and retail stores after which Sprint will wipe off the Palm Pre from its future plans.

No announcement or comment has been received from the company on the subject, but it seems that they may be making space to launch the new Palm Pre 2 as a fitting replacement to the original. But there is no way of being too sure about that either. They might even be considering the opposite, of shifting their focus away from Palm devices altogether and moving on to Android-based devices.

via PreCentral

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