Speakal’s Phone/PC Hybrid BTS8: Miniature Computer Combined with a Phone

Written By Sam on 9 January 2011

Take a phone and cross it with a PC and one gets a smartphone. In the fruit and vegetable kingdom, hybrids are preferred and in this case too most phone users like these smartphones. Speakal’s recently announced BTS8 is a model of a different variety. It seems to be a genetically modified PC/phone hybrid. As with genetic mods, one expects improvements and here too the BTS8 is a miniature computer combined with a phone. It is not yet small enough like the phones but is far more versatile.

This device has a 5-inch LCD screen located above the numeric buttons. Windows 7 is the OS that provides a platform for its software that lets users manage and record phone conversations, shoot e-mails and use the webcam for video chats through Skype. As was to be expected, fax can be received. Text messaging is routine stuff as is the music player. It has contacts management along with a calendar. The manufacturer claims that BTS8 taxes communication integrated computing to the next level through a smooth streamlining of both processes where the advanced capabilities of Windows 7 are used to optimize all connectivity functions. To top it all it is a great power saver.

Some may start salivating at all these yummy features but this phone is some way over the horizon and prices are yet to be announced.

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