Sony Ericsson Spiro (W100i) With Walkman Features 2MP Camera, Bluetooth Stereo A2DP and Obigo Q7 Web Browser

Written By Sam on 26 September 2010

Sony Ericsson W100i or the popularly called Sony Ericsson Spiro is another one of the cute Walkman handset series phones from Sony Ericsson, which has been endeavoring to maintain a steady flow of the models in the market. Sony Ericsson Spiro aims at capturing the mid-size segment of customers who are looking for an inexpensive basic model that can play music. The Spiro is small and comfortable to hold but is slightly on the heavier side. The sliding mechanism of this model is robust and can withstand the daily use rigors. The curved design and the matte black finish of the rear make the Spiro an attractive model made of high quality materials.

On the rear end of the W100i, there is a large speaker vent and a cutaway for camera lens. There is a large volume rocker on the right and a micro USB port on the left side and a microSD card too. There are small buttons for various functions on the front with a 4 way joy-pad and center button. Although they are neatly positioned with raised edges, users might need to use the finger edges or nails sometimes.

Sony Ericsson Spiro (W100i) looks simple with a black numeric keypad and orange backlighting. Messaging could prove slightly difficult because of the concave design on the keypad that makes the zero key mapped with spacebar a bit recessed. Spiro has a basic camera and although Walkman phones are known for their music playing abilities, the bundled earphones aren’t up to the mark and need to be upgraded. At Rs. 5500, the phone gives a bit of everything that a basic model can muster but isn’t spectacular at anything. The quality of the headset is poor and the keypad could prove troublesome for those users who do a lot of text messaging. All in all, SE Spiro is a cute phone with a very good build quality but with some obvious flaws.

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