Record Video on Your iPhone 3G and 2G With iVideoCamera Video Recording App

Written By Sam on 16 December 2009

You can now shoot videos using iPhone 3G or even the older iPhone 2G without jailbreaking them. Yeah you heard it right! Apple has approved a new application called iVideoCamera, a Video recording application for its non-3GS phone’s along with UStream Broadcaster application for its 3G iPhones. Priced at 99 cents, iVideoCamera is a third party application from Laan Labs, available through Apple’s iTunes store for all the customers which provides many solid features including the capabilities to shoot videos, share and upload them to multiple social networks and YouTube from their iPhone 2G or 3G handsets.

Record Video on Your iPhone 3G and 2G With iVideoCamera Video Recording App

Cost of iVideoCamera is pretty less when compared to complete upgradation of your iPhone. However, iVideoCamera is bounded with many limitations. The frame rate of the application is just 3 FPS (Frames per seconds) which is far behind for iPhone 3GS featuring 30 FPS, the video length is limited only for 1-minute disappointing many users. The resolution of iVideoCamera is confined to 160 x 230 pixels resulting in a poor quality of video recording and even it provides no opportunity to share videos on Twitter. The Dev-team of Laan Labs promises to provide enhanced frame rates and quality along with the twitter implementation in their upcoming releases and there is nothing we can do except awaiting for the updates.

Apple is also set to provide live video streaming feature for its iPhone 3G. People using iPhone 3G can now stream live videos from their 3G handsets through a newly added application in Apple store called “The UStream Broadcaster“. This application is available free of cost, but unfortunately does not support 2G iPhones. However, the 3G users are sure to enjoy live chat whilst broadcasting, as well as share videos on Twitter using this application.

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