Rumors Claim More Palm Devices With webOS 2.0 are Waiting in the Wings; Code Names of 5 devices Revealed

Written By Sam on 8 November 2010

If latest reports are to be believed, smartphone users can expect to see more than one Palm device by HP soon. WebOS Internals, a site that provides inner, sometime exclusive information on developments within webOS, has been doing some digging around in the SFR’s webOS 2.0 code, which was built for the Palm Pre 2 and they have stumbled upon a list of five device code names, namely, Stingray, Mantaray, Windsor, Broadway and Roadrunner (Palm Pre 2).

The five code names were found in a string that was designed to display the message “temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices,” which gives us the idea that they’re all most likely fresh pieces yet to be launched.

Only we can’t pin them to any fancy hardware yet, until we get more insight on the devices from HP or through some other hidden sources and codes. This is exciting news since users are eagerly looking forward to new palm devices to add to their wish lists this year end.

But since the Palm Pre 2 has just recently been announced, it seems unlikely that the any new devices will be launched before this year closes. However, internet rumors suggest 2011 will be an exciting year for users as Foxconn and Compal have apparently landed orders with HP for developing devices to be released next year.

When it took over Palm for $1.20 billion, HP did show inclination and commitment towards developing the webOS and bringing to users better and improved versions of the best smartphone operating system available.

Hence, their plan of launching almost half a dozen smartphones to support the new and improved webOS 2.0 shouldn’t come as a surprise. It would however be interesting to see whether the form factors of these devices are smart phones / mobile phones or tablets and MIDs.

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