Palm Ares – Web Based Development Environment for WebOS

Written By Sam on 9 November 2009

Palm a relevant, profitable player in smartphone market for years has given first public demo of its upcoming Web-based development environment for WebOS applications, called “Ares“. “Ares” is designed with a drag and drop interface which makes it easy for the developers to pull various components together in Javascript while building applications for handsets like Palm Pre and Pixi that run on WebOS.


After a big release of WebOS SDK in April, the Web based-development interface, Ares would probably be a step ahead by Palm to give a sturdy competition to Apple iPhone, Andriod, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian and other mobile platforms. Ares will have many additional features for faster development with an environment that includes debugging and libraries-APIs sharing function. It also provides a phone emulator for the developers to visualize how an application would look like. This phone emulator facilitates the developer to view the application in both landscape and portrait modes.

Palm Ares would work well in many web browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Safari though it does not support Internet Explorer. Web-based development environment for WebOS, Ares will not require any additional downloads or configurations and will be available by year’s end through the WebOS Developer Site.

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