One Million Samsung Wave Sold in Europe, Samsung Planning BIG With Wave 2, Wave 2 Pro and Wave 723

Written By Sam on 24 September 2010

Not too long ago, Samsung launched the Bada OS into the over-crowded Smartphone Operating System market. At last count there were about 5 major Smartphone OS’s, namely – Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Android and the moribund Windows mobile, which is now Windows Phone 7. And now, Add Bada from Samsung!

Samsung Wave is the first Bada Smartphone. It is quite a functional phone with nice specifications and design. With Samsung’s own gorgeous super-AMOLED 3.3 inch display, Wi-Fi, GPS, 1Ghz CPU, 5 Megapixel camera with 720P HD video shoot-out, who can resist not having this beauty?

Two months ago, Samsung announced it sold a million Samsung Waves on a world scale. Now, this event is one million milestones in sales in Europe only and I should say that it is a remarkable achievement.

Samsung just recently announced three new other Wave phones. These are the Wave 2, Wave 2 Pro and Wave 723. They are actually positioned lower than the Samsung Wave itself with competitive pricing. Apart from the obvious plan to introduce the wave to South Korea, Samsung’s parents Country, there are still other regions of the world that the Wave would also be launched. Needless to say that Bada OS has come of age and would soon mature. From a non-existent OS to one that is having one million units sold in 4 months in Europe alone, then this is a personal record for Bada. It is unlikely to go the same way as the Microsoft’s twin kin phones that died a natural death. Bada has proven with this feat reasonably well that it is here to stay.

This is a Guest Post By Afegoodmen Ovie-Albert

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