Nokia Working on Self Charging Mobile Phones, Applies For a Patent

Written By Sam on 9 March 2010

Nokia, the pioneer of innovation and master of designing various mobile handsets is now set to path break the traditional method of charging these mobile phones. According to the reports, Nokia has filled for an US patent on smart phone that enables users to charge them by generating current through friction.

Nokia will utilize strips of piezoelectric crystals in the handset that capture the current generated by capturing the movements of the phone by any user such as walking or running with the handset, playing games in it. When the device receives motion, the heavy components of the device i.e the radio transmitter circuit, battery move along causing a to and fro of rails resulting in generation of electric power to charge up a capacitor through which the phone battery gets eventually charged. Still in conceptual stage, we are unsure about the implementation of this design into the Nokia’s mainstream production, but you never know!

3 Responses to “Nokia Working on Self Charging Mobile Phones, Applies For a Patent”

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  2. Looks new revolutionary thing in future

  3. Sankar(CS) says:

    Hey, this is new and awesome feature which will be innovative. Actually i had an same idea ,instead of charges having varieties, charging with dynamo using manual power which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. But this is awesome idea ,Customers waiting eagerly to use this feature instead of time-consuming chargers.

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