Nokia Symbian^4 Demo Videos Shows Cleaner Widgetized UI

Written By Sam on 27 February 2010

Recently we have seen the Nokia UI on Symbian^3 Design Preview Video and now its time for Symbian^4. To compete with the fast growing iPhone and Android market, Nokia is trying hard to come up with user friendly Symbian version that is very much better than the current Symbian S60. Symbian^4 will have a clean UI with support for Widgets on the home screen. With many mobiles and OS’s the mobile market is really becoming hotter. Windows Mobile 7, Samsung Bada, Android, iPhone OS and many more are ready to compete with Symbian. Anyways enough of the story, just check out the Symbian^4 videos below. [BTW you need to either rotate your monitor or bend your head to view the videos properly!]

First Glimpse: Nokia’s Symbian^4 OS

Nokia’s Symbian^4 Operating System

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