Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two to Return from the Dead?

Written By Sam on 29 November 2010

Resurrections are possible and sometimes beneficial depending which side you are viewing it from. All believed that the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two handsets were well and truly laid to rest. The software was limited in scope. The Kin One had a 5 MP camera while the Kin Two had an 8 MP one. The Kin One had only half the storage space while it had its looks going for it with the Kin Two resembling any other slider smartphone. Bad for them was the pretty small QVGA displays. Seems these two were not able to do the things smart social networking youngsters wanted even though they could stream updates and enabled uploading of photos and data. This range seems to have slid into oblivion.

If Kin One and Kin Two had souls they would probably be jumping with joy at being given a chance to live again. There are indications that these two handsets may have been updated with improved software.

It is Verizon Wireless that has come out with attractive offers enabling you to get the two handsets provided you are ready to enter into a two year contract with them. The Kin One will cost $19.99 while the Kin Two will be priced more than twice at $49.99. Of course, these prices are considerably lower than the prices prevailing at the time of introduction of these phones. Some might aver that Verizon is making this offer simply to clear off stocks it may be holding. Whatever the truth of the matter may be, let us hope these Microsoft smartphones get a helping hand back into the markets through Verizon. They do not seem to be such bad pieces after all. Especially, when you consider that Verizon is focusing on the touchscreen full QWERTY keyboard and high-end camera with huge internal memory capabilities of these two phones to achieve success with these phones this time around.

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