MeeGo 1.1 Available for Handsets Now, Allows Users to Dual Boot the Nokia N900 Between Maemo or MeeGo

Written By Sam on 1 November 2010

MeeGo is an open-source next-generation operating system for computing devices jointly developed by Nokia and Intel. When Nokia received its new firmware update, the PR 1.3 (v20.2010.36-2)– available through the Nokia Software Updater and over the air (OTA) — it paved the way for upcoming transitions to the MeeGo OS. That means you can dual boot your Nokia N900 between your choice of Maemo or MeeGo operating systems.

With this release also came the Qt 4.7 development framework and the Qt Mobility 1.02 that allow developers to make MeeGo-compatible applications that can be run on current hardware as well. That is until the first dedicated MeeGo devices are released next year.

The new MeeGo v1.1 update will allow users to dual-boot their Nokia N900 devices. It integrates basic mobile phone functions like voice calling, texting SMS, web browsing, music and video playback, photo viewing and other connection management features. When updating your device with the MeeGo OS, make sure that you have made the necessary backups of all your data on a computer. There is a risk the software might kill your contacts and PIM information, so it is best to take all precautions.

Nokia N900 users who wish to try out this update can download from the following link:

To check out the update on your notebook PCs, visit:

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