Download Cookie’s Home Tab – HTC Sense Home Tab Modifier Featuring Add-On Widget Framework

Written By Sam on 1 October 2010

An updated beta of the HTC Sense Home Tab Modifier, Cookies Home Tab is released. To start with, Cookies Home Tab v2.0 Beta comes with more widgets features including e-mail, SMS, RSS, clocks and weather. A new addon widget framework has been introduced, so widgets can be made and installed as an add-on. Managing links is expected to be easier with the new version. For instance, quick links can be arranged in a column layout, new links can be moved anywhere on the screen and free links come with a slide-to-launch feature on the lockscreen. Other notable changes include:

  • Left/right sliding pages configurable from 1 to 7 pages (separately configurable for portrait, landscape and lockscreen)
  • Redesigned softkey area, bottom menu and tab slider (tap and hold the slider button, don’t just tap and release)
  • Widgets can be pinned into place and some can be freely resized

The beta version comes with the customary caution it may have bugs, and it does. Any previous version of CHT has to be uninstalled before installing this one. The new beta is not backward compantible. So, settings for previous versions of CHT will not reflect in the new version. However, there are reports that exported settings for v2.0 will be forward compatible with future 2.xx versions.

via XDA

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