Get Palm webOS Apps For Half The Price Until July 6th

Written By Sam on 21 June 2010

If you’ve got a Palm mobile and are looking for Apps for your mobile then its the best time to buy webOS apps as you can get almost all the Apps at 50% price. Starting today you can get thousands of apps for half the price. Palm users can save 50% on almost everything in the App Catalog until July 6th. Nearly every app in the US Palm App Catalog and Palm web channel are available at half price and only a handful of exceptions are indicated at full price in their catalog listing.

Do mind that these are the standard full-featured apps and not some demo versions or anything different. Most of the popular titles like Need for Speed Undercover, Jump O’Clock, and James Cameron’s Avatar are available at half the usual price in your pocket. So go ahead and treat yourself a few new goodies.

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