Five Useful Android Apps for 4G Phones (That Are Free)

Written By Sam on 6 July 2011

You can’t beat free. At a time when companies like Sprint and T-Mobile are busy busting out 4G slide Android phone models the level of app sophistication is going to rise dramatically. So will the cost of these apps. It’s a good thing then that many useful ones continue to be free of charge. The following are five that were worth rounding up:


SoundHound has been considered one of the biggest successes in the Android app market and there’s a reason for that. If you’ve ever listened to a song you didn’t know just let your phone hear it and SoundHound will search its extensive audio database to find what you’re hearing. Humming works too, just make sure no one’s around to listen to you try.


Social networking can be pretty time consuming when you’re on multiple networks. Tweetdeck lets you see updates on all your favorite networks from Facebook to Twitter to Buzz all at once on a single window. You’ll never have to waste time flipping through apps again.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

For anybody that crunches numbers this app is essential. Whether you’re a carpenter or an architect, a nurse or a surgeon, you’re sure to find a pocket sized scientific calculator handy.

iTriage Mobile Health

Speaking of doctors having an app that was as close to having a doctor inside your phone as possible is something everyone might see as a lifesaver. The itriage Mobile Health app gives you access to thousands of symptoms listings cross referenced with ailments, plus hundreds of thousands of doctors listings, hospital locations, and where you can find your preferred chain of pharmacy.

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner app provided by the Zxing Team is nifty not only because it’s free but because it also scans Data Matrix and QR codes. That’s going to come in handy as we enter 4G and those start popping up everywhere.

The adage “Nothing in life is free” is pretty much right but once in awhile you luck out. These days free apps are gold mines. It won’t be long until the sophistication of our phones and service make free apps rare, at least useful ones. Stock up while you can.

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