Find Your Lost iPhone or Erase the Data With MobileMe’s “Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe”

Written By Sam on 20 June 2009

Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe services for iPhone are announced by Apple recently. With the help of MobileMe and iPhone OS 3.0 or later you can locate, display a message or remotely erase your iPhone or iPod touch data. Moreover the free iDisk app for iPhone and iPod touch will let you share and access files from anywhere. The new features of MobileMe will definitely boost the sales of iPhone.


Find My iPhone

New MobileMe features can be activated on your iPhone or iPod running the new iPhone 3.0 software. As the service is based on Apple’s standards-based XMPP/PubSub Push Notification Server, it uses WiFi and works on both iPhones and iPod touch without the need for mobile phone service. MobileMe site sends a push notification alert to the iPhone when you want to get your iPhone location.

The “Display a Message or Play a sound” feature allows the users to write a message which appears on your iPhone’s screen or play a sound even if the iPhone is in silent mode. The message is limited to 160 characters and you can force the lost iPhone to play a sound for about two minutes. MobileMe sends a report after the message is received and a confirmation email is also sent to you.

Remote Wipe of iPhone


Remote Wipe permanently deletes all the media and data on your iPhone and the iPhone is restored to factory settings. If you eventually find your iPhone, you can then restore your email, contacts and all other data by enabling your MobileMe account on your iPhone.

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