Download Opera 10 Beta 3 for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobiles

Written By Sam on 14 February 2010

Opera announced Beta 3 of Opera Mobile 10, bringing mobile browser one-step closer to the ultimate final release. The Opera Mini will be soon available for iPhone OS along with the popular Symbian S60 and other smartphones powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile platform.

With great deal of features along with many bug fixes and stability enhancements, Opera Mobile will also provide flash support in its Beta 3 for touch screen devices running under the Windows Mobile 6 standard OS and Windows Mobile 5. The Experimental Flashlite 3.1 performance and usability is very goo only on high-end mobiles because of which, the flash support is OFF by default and it has to be turned on manually through Tools -> Settings-> Advanced->Plug-ins-> “On”. The Beta 3 includes many enhancements over its previous versions and the improvisations made in this latest version are mentioned below.

The major improvisations in Opera 10 Beta 3

Symbian Series S60

  • Complete synchronization of bookmarks in the Opera Link.
  • Access to non-Latin characters in the User Interface even when phone OS is set to Latin locale.
  • Many bug fixes in input, text selection, and keyboard related issues.
  • Non-Latin input modes will also feature Visual indication for the input mode.
  • Many General bug fixing related to stability and User Interface.

Windows Mobile

  • Support for Keypad/Smartphone.
  • Support for Flash Lite 3.1, which has to be manually turned ON.
  • Opera Link with complete bookmark sync.
  • Multi language extensions support in BIDI.
  • Conversion of phone numbers displayed in plain text into easy to access links.
  • Background sound support.
  • Many Stability and UI bug fixing.

Along with many impressive enhancements, Opera Mobile 10, Beta 3 flavor also includes few drawbacks such as:

  • All the previously saved bookmarks in Beta 2 in Opera Link will be lost upon upgradation to the Beta 3.
  • Flash implemented only for touch devices
  • Beta 3 does not support typing some special characters on devices like Motorola Q9 and some input method editors may not work properly with Opera, as they do not abide by the Microsoft’s SIP and/or IME standard.
  • Disabled dictionary feature in password areas for certain WM5 Smartphone/WM6 Standard devices.

Though Opera Beta 3 lacks certain technical aspects, it is certainly worth a try! Just head over to from your mobile device to download Opera.

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