Download Google Shopper Mobile App for Android Phones from Android Market

Written By Sam on 21 February 2010

Now you can easily shop from anywhere and at anytime from your Android phone, as Google launched an amazing Android application called “Google Shopper” that enables everyone to shop at an ease. Using Google Shopper application, you can search for a variety of products including books, CD’s, DVD’s and Video games.

Google Shopper provides multiple ways to search while shopping; you can either use the voice search or the Bar code scanning or even the find the product information using the pictures taken from your camera. Shopper also features options to save history of the products or star the items for later so that you can always have the product and price information readily available. In order to install this superb Shopper on your phone, all you need to do search for “Google Shopper” in the Google Android Market. So, what are you waiting for? Install Google Shopping and go shopping anytime, anywhere.

Features of Google Shopper Application

  • Options to view detailed product information.
  • Multiple search techniques such as Bar code Scanning, Voice scanning
  • Ability to save your search history and favorites
  • Search using the pictures taken from your camera or from the scan of book covers and media
  • Support for sharing the finds with friends.

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