CDMA iPhone Will be Coming to India, Germany and Holland; Exclusivities end in Germany and Holland

Written By Sam on 15 October 2010

Yes, there are lots of rumors on the CDMA iPhone forecasts again today. The Wall Street Journal reports that both Reliance Communications and Tata Tele Services is in talks with Apple to bring a CDMA version of its iPhone to India. This is most likely the same one that is reputed to be available on sale at Verizon early next year. The discussions appears to have been ongoing for four or five months according to one WSJ source.

This news becomes probably relevant seeing that news of iPhone exclusivity arrangements are possibly going to end in both Germany and The Netherlands. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom will lose its exclusive now that both O2 and Vodafone will be offering iPhone before the holidays. While in Holland, T-Mobile just lost its exclusive arrangement as both KPN and Vodafone have announced plans to sell the iPhone.

There is no specific dates mentioned, but supposing a date like the holidays in India or Germany for instance may be a good assumption.

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