Windows Phone 7 Finally comes to US; Three New Models to be Available via AT&T and T-Mobile

Written By Sam on 9 November 2010

The Windows Phone 7 handsets have finally hit shelves in the US and in style too. Braving the biting November cold, buyers were lined up outside the Times Square AT&T stores to be the first few to get their hands on the handsets with the new mobile OS. AT&T stores took the opportunity to offer buyers the chance to attend Katy Perry and Maroon 5 concerts in San Francisco. Participating AT&T stores are giving out lanyards for the events, be sure to get some and get in.

Devices with the Windows Phone 7 that Microsoft released on its online store include the HTC HD7, the HTC Surround, and the Samsung Focus. Users should note that the HTC HD7 will be available on the T-Mobile service while the latter two are being offered on AT&T network services.

A rumor that the 4.1-inch Dell Venue Pro supported on T-Mobile will soon be out in Microsoft retail stores is also doing the rounds. It’s definitely worth checking out, just in case it were true.

These Windows Phone 7 devices are also available online on Dell and Amazon besides the Microsoft Online Store. Though all three devices have been priced at $199.99, although there are updates about prices dropping as low as $149.99 at Dell Mobility and $99.00 at Amazon Wireless.

Both network providers are offering the devices as per drawn out plans. T-Mobile is offering the HD7 for 200$ upfront on a 2 year contract, and for $500 without a contract.

AT&T also has similar pricing asking for $200 on 2 year contract and $500 for their “no commitment pricing” plan.

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