BlackBerry 9800 Slider Mobile Coming Soon on AT&T Network

Written By Sam on 29 July 2010

Internet Rumors suggest that the Canadian smart phone designer Research In Motion (RIM) is likely to announce the launch of its first sliding device, the BlackBerry 9800, on August 3rd. The speculations were driven by the fact that the company has sent out invites to an event to be held on August 3 and a recent article on BlackBerry Cool had suggested that the BlackBerry 9800 would indeed be the main dish at the event, especially since the BlackBerry OS 6 logo can be seen on the invites sent out to media. Moreover, it seems that the launch event seems to resemble a lot with the last year’s release of BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Speculations are also rife that the first BlackBerry slider would arrive on the United States market on AT&T’s airwaves, since the wireless carrier would also be present at the event. However, no other details were available on this matter, although previous rumors had suggested that the BlackBerry 9800 would be the launched at AT&T on Aug 15th.

The sliding smart phone, which will be released by the name BlackBerry 9800 Slider, or BlackBerry Torch, is expected to roll out with the following features.

  • New BlackBerry 6 operating system
  • Touch screen display
  • The popular BlackBerry QWERTY keypad

There have been rumors on the upcoming availability of this device ever since last year and it appears that they are finally going to be proven true. Also, with RIM being forthcoming on its new BlackBerry 6 platform, as well as on various services and software solutions related to it, it was only a matter of time before official release was made.

So, August 3rd should make some things official.

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  1. I find this as the start of a new beginning for blackberry. Soon to find, they will be producing Droid X’s, Evo’s, and iPhone’s lol

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