Autowipe – Remote Wipe Software For Android 2.2 Froyo

Written By Sam on 31 July 2010

Google has introduced the “remote wipe” feature in the Android 2.2 Froyo Update, to the general public. This administrator feature has been created by a member of the XDA developer forum, Vespera Novus. This particular feature in the software permits your device to automatically wipe itself clean, conditionally. That is, if the conditions that have been set are applicable then this application will wipe the memory in the device.

However, to perform the memory wipe feature, the user must have enabled the administrator. This “Autowipe” feature is particularly helpful when your device containing confidential data and information gets stolen or lost.

So, how does this feature work? Firstly, you need to set some conditions, which on being satisfied will cause the memory to be wiped off automatically. So, what are those conditions? Well, you can set conditions like unsuccessful attempts to unlock the screen using passwords, Password received via SMS or Subscriber ID altered(change in SIM card). So, now suppose that your device has got stolen and the person who stole it attempts to unlock the screen using his own password. The administrator recognizes this unsuccessful attempt because of the condition set. And since the administrator has encountered the set condition, the application wipes of the data from the device’s memory, automatically. This prevents misuse or theft of confidential information stored in the devices.

The “Autowipe” application can be downloaded from the original thread on the XDA developer forms at

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