15 Must Have Applications For Maemo 5 Based Nokia N900 Mobile

Written By Sam on 14 December 2009

Sometime back we have covered about Maemo, an Open source, Linux-based operating system that is designed to run on high-end mobiles. The latest N900 from Nokia runs on the Maemo 5 OS (Fremantle). There are also other Nokia Mobiles like N800 and N810 which are based on the older version of Maemo OS. Maemo is definitely an advanced Mobile platform that supports many enhanced applications. Though there are many impressive applications available in the market, here are most popular and must have applications for your Nokia N900.


Skype for Maemo Mobiles

Skype on your Nokia N900 will allow you to make worldwide conversations at a lower price. Skype facilitates you to make free Skype-to-Skype calling, Call phones with Skype credits or subscription, Receive calls on your Online Number, make Instant Messaging and Group conversations with File sending and receiving capabilities included. Skype requires a 3G or Wi-Fi connection enabled in your phone and the Skype contacts appear in your phonebook along with display of the online status of your friends. You can download Skype by visiting http://skype.com/m from your mobile.


Facebook for Maemo Mobiles

Facebook widget, a popular social networking application allows you to communicate with your friends, update your status, and instantly share photos and videos with your friends using the ‘Share via Service’ option in the Camera, Photo, and Media Player applications of your phone at your convenience.


Evernote for Maemo Mobiles

Evernote allows you to remember and recollect things in life using your Nokia N900. It is a fully integrated application for N900. You can take notes, add snapshots, clip a web page, add tags to the screenshots or organize notes into different notebooks and then easily send them to the Evernote for remembrance. Everything you captured will be automatically processed, indexed and made available for quick search in your Nokia N900. You can search your notes by keywords, titles, and tags and Evernote magically makes printed and handwritten text inside your images searchable, too.


Qik for Maemo Mobiles

Qik is an impressive application for your Nokia N900, which allows you to share live videos with your friends. You can share your best-captured moments at a button’s press and share your Qik videos to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Qik automatically archives your memorable moments and allows sharing them with your loved ones.

Documents To Go Viewer Edition

Documents To Go Viewer Edition for Maemo Mobiles

Documents To Go Viewer Edition from DataViz provides access to view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003 & 2007 files and attachments in your Maemo device. Documents To Go Viewer Edition offers features like zoom, find, and easy access the documents on your Nokia N900. It is certainly an essential application for business users who intend to stay productive at the same time avoid carrying their laptop.


Fring for Maemo Mobiles

Fring for Nokia N900, is basically a mobile internet community and communication service which allows you to socialize with your friends and improvise your online contacts. Fring provides various added benefits of internet communication including VoIP, Instant Messaging services, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM and MSN Messenger. With Fring you can share your availability, exchange messages in real time and transfer files to others.


TuneWiki for Maemo Mobiles

An amazing social media player that allows you to listen music while watching subtitled lyrics of the selected songs. TuneWiki enables you to experience music in a unique way. You can even estimate geographic locations of other people while listening to specific songs and artists. TuneWiki facilities you with LiveCharts to access real-time music from different countries along with a special feature of translating of lyrics to your desired language.


VNCviewer for Maemo Mobiles

Virtual Network Computing for maemo, provides capabilities to view a ‘desktop’ environment from anywhere on the Internet. The latest version 0.6.3- fremantle2 of VNCviewer facilities the users to connect to the VNC server running on different systems and display its desktop. VNC viewer also features a forced toolbar for full screen.

gPodder Podcast Client

gPodder Podcast Client for Maemo Mobiles

gPodder Podcast Client is a Linux-based application which allows you to download free audio, video contents( Podcasts) from the internet and watch it on your device. It is a very easy to use podcast aggregator with a specialized UI optimized for Maemo 5 and the Nokia N900 mobile computer. gPodder is simple, usable podcast client which supports audio and video equally. It is an open source and free software available for your N900.

FriendStatus IM Statuses Aggregator

FriendStatus IM Statuses Aggregator for Maemo Mobiles

As the name indicates, this application provides you with the latest statuses of your friends present in the Instant Messaging (IM) list. You can even view the statuses from a specific friend and interact with them.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus for Maemo Mobiles

AdBlock Plus is a port of AdBlock Plus v1.0.2 that runs on Maemo Browser with the default EasyList block list. You have to re-boot the phone after installation of AdBlock Plus to get enhanced performance.


Load-applet for Maemo Mobiles

Load-applet is a small Status-bar applet that displays the CPU load along with the memory consumption. It has a menu featuring options to take screenshots, record screen casts. This App will be very useful if you are a developer, blogger or a tester with a N900 in your hands.

Password Safe

Password Safe for Maemo Mobiles

Password Safe enables you to maintain an encrypted password list in your Nokia N900 phone. “Password Safe” allows you to have a different password for all the different programs and websites that you deal with, without actually having to remember all those usernames and passwords. The data is encrypted with blowfish in CBC mode.

Conversations Inbox Desktop Widget

Conversations Inbox Desktop Widget for Maemo Mobiles

Conversations Inbox Desktop Widget enables you to check incoming SMS and IM messages quickly. The IM chat messages and the incoming SMS’s can be directly viewed on the desktop, which avoids jeopardy of opening multiple applications in your phone.

Countdown Home Desktop Widget

Countdown Home Desktop Widget for Maemo Mobiles

Countdown Widget for your desktop helps you keep track of your events in much quick and easy manner. The Countdown widget is visible on your desktop and shows all the upcoming events. It is quite simple to customize the entries in the countdown widget.

If you feel that there are still better and useful applications then do let us know about them in the comment section. Also mention about your favorite applications for Maemo Devices.

29 Responses to “15 Must Have Applications For Maemo 5 Based Nokia N900 Mobile”

  1. Evert says:

    Fring for the N900? Where can I get that?

    • Samrat P says:

      Just headover to the Fring website from your mobile and you can download it directly.

      • scott says:

        the N900 version is not available on the official website, although it does list an ‘other’ version. the N900 version can be downloaded through the N900s development database from the phones own application download utility (youll need to add this to the application downloaders list of database catalogues. no idea if its safe to use or if itll brick your phone

  2. Roman says:

    I don’t agreed with the top 15 u put there.

    #1 app should be Knots 2!!!
    #2 FM RADIO
    #3 Pidgin internet
    #4 ScummVM
    #5 VNC viewer
    #6 qtirreco
    #7 FM transmitter
    #8 SIB
    #9 DrNokSnes emulator
    #10 Qik

  3. rakesh says:

    Nice Collection for mobile users, thanks for info

  4. ravi says:

    great list of Applications For Maemo 5 Based Nokia N900 nice info.

  5. Olivia smith says:

    I am impressed by reading your article. this site is very cool and great collection of Applications For Maemo 5 Based Nokia N900 Mobile phone. this is very useful. thanks for sharing nice collection…. 🙂

  6. Stefan Block says:

    Sorry, there is no version of fring for N900.

  7. smk says:

    15 Nice Apps, but definitely not “Must Have” apps.

  8. ed says:

    Hi. Will the fring video call work on the n900? If not when? Tnx.

  9. chuf says:

    camera giving problems

  10. Nigel Jones says:

    There are a few IM apps above (ie fring). Whilst it’s great to see those apps available on the N900 (which I have) the challenge for that type of app is how to best integrate in to the native environment.

    The merged contacts application is fantastic — so easy to add plugins for msn, yahoo, icq etc etc. There’s facebook integration too (still buggy) and twitter.

    The last two in particular are interesting in that one needs to be able to choose a subset of friends IMO to work with & also cater for general feeds & searches.

    So I think the challenges for these providers is not just to port to maemo but to figure out how to optimise for that platform.

    Skype is an example of very well done integration.

  11. tito says:

    i dont know where to put the application on the phone and how to make it work please any body helps

  12. letsbuild says:

    Why is it not stated anywhere that ‘Documents to go viewer’ is commercial?

  13. Sajiv says:

    Nice collections, i just got my new N900.
    Its completely different from my previous N97.
    Will try this apps.

  14. RAJIV 09163952526 says:


    I got my N900 recently & for me i think the best apps are as follows:-

    1> FM Radio – I’m sure that many of you out there would prefer our age old fm radio service to internet radio channels… 🙂

    2> Pidgin Instant Messenger – One of the best messenger client out there…lets me join the chat rooms in Yahoo Messenger as if i’m doin it on a pc…cool !!!

    3> Opera Mini Mobile browser : The in-built Microbe browser opens up the mobile version of web pages by default…Opera is also better for its speed…

    4> Recaller widget : Lets you record conversations or record your favourite songs from FM…

    5> Symfonie player : I choose this player simply because of its 8 band equalisers…awesome!!!

    6> KM Player : Allows you to view your media files & listen to internet radios…Best is you can view & download youtube videos directly to your phone.

    7> Flash Torch : Yes…as the name suggests…a torch application which uses the led flash as a torch…useful app i’d say…

    8> DrNOKSnes Emulator : Best SNES emulator…mind blowing graphics & sound…chk out Donkey Kong & Killer Instinct…u’ll understand wat i mean…

    9> Cute Explorer : A file manager which lets u view system files as well as hidden files.

    10> Espeak : It works as a talking clock when u press the power off button twice rapidly…also has a gui where u can type anything or copy paste anything in the text box & the app will read it out for u…

    Friends if any of you has any better software suggestion then plz let me knw…

  15. joe says:

    n900 is very good mobile but its battery is a little weak

  16. Merc says:

    @Joe ,

    Have you used N900??? Its battery backup in best among all smart phone out there,

    its give me around 6 to 7 hrs , without a gich.

  17. deepaced says:

    i agree wid joe. battery is weak..i bought n900 for run papaya and mig33 coz i wanna run these application in advance cell but cud not able to open these site …not given in ovi store that sucks. so im gonna sell this cell phone in half amount.

  18. sam says:

    hi friends.
    i just got my nokia n900.
    but i am finding lil difficult in using this phone.
    can any body help me out plz………………………..?
    i am a musician basically.
    n i frequently use voice recorder.
    but i didnt find any such application as voice recorder in this phone.
    wil some body help me how to get voice recorder in this phone

  19. benzo says:

    I realize this phone is really great after incident when i travel to our office branch. I forgot to bring my access card from headquarter to enter our datacenter. No available computer around and i have to troubleshoot the problem with our server as soon as possible.
    What i do which is made possible by n900..
    1) setting up specific ip to access wifi since our wireless has unique configuration. Not many phone out there support this.
    2) After connected, nmap’ed to check which server running port for accesscard system. I doubt that many phone out there could run nmap utility.
    3) telnet into the server from my n900. start remote services. any other phone able to telnet?
    4) using rdesktop to access the server and pulse open the door.
    5) I’m in!!! done several troubleshoot, pulse open the door n leave.
    n900 saved my time and gas to go back to hq to get my access card. I wish they could do something about the size and battery though…

    • Thalass says:

      Benzo that is awesome, but it does say something about your office security if someone with a laptop could so something similar. Though i guess you have insider knowledge of where to look, where a thief wouldn’t. Still awesome!

  20. subhasishbose says:

    can you help by saying how i can open the skype in my nokia n900. i am not in a position to open it. whether i can download the same from web, please let me know the web address. thanks

  21. Carmen says:

    Hey there,
    I cannot download neither skype nor fring for my N900!
    whenever I try for any of them, it says that it’s not available for N900 phones, please check later for updates
    I tried to dowload them using Maemo and another time using application manager / add application 🙁

    anyone can help me downloading these 2 apps?

    thanks & have a good day

    • Gagz says:

      Skype on N900 is the only reason I bought the phone. I`m not apps developer, however an extensive user for apps. Skype on N900 video chat forced me to buy this phone as skype is exclusively available on N900. It may not be available on all N900 depending upon countries and its IP and IT regulations, however you may still be able to flash your device with World_ROM flash.

  22. nizam 9w2anw says:

    how to make video call

  23. Bison says:

    Big help, big help. And surepaltive news of course.

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