Sophos Offers Free Antivirus for Mac; To Also Protect Windows PCs that Receive Infected Files from Macs

Written By Sam on 4 November 2010

Sophos has launched an antivirus software this week that Macintosh users can download and install for free and protect their operating systems from harmful malware. Though there are a number of free antivirus softwares available online that can be downloaded and used, and come with strings attached, the Sophos Antivirus for Macs brings the whole package at no cost at all. That means, users will get the complete antivirus software version and there are no catches like trial periods or request for upgrades in the future.

Sophos will maintain the tool’s virus signatures and update every hour. The tool functions like any other antivirus where you can quarantine suspicious files and schedule automatic scans or run them on demand in the background. They also offer technical support through online forums. The release antivirus software is a non-commercial version of the Sophos Anti-Virus 7.2 for Mac, which is targeted at home users and suitably modified to make it easier to install and use.

The developers claim that this package will be a strong competitor to rival paid options and will not only protect Macs from harmful malware but also Windows PCs that receive infected files from Macs through e-mail messages and USB drives.

Sophos aims to create brand identity through this free download offer and it also aims to change the general user perception that malware for Macs does not exist. Mac users generally do not bother to install or use antivirus software due to this belief, but with a dedicated antivirus software for Macs, they might begin to consider virus infection possibilities and take the issue more seriously.

In numbers, Windows based PCs are much more than Macs and other iDevices running on the OS X, but with increasing popularity of Macs, it is only a matter of time before professional malware creators begin more aggressive attacks on the Mac as well. And Sophos is upping the ante against such attacks already.

Download Sophos Antivirus for Mac

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