Facelette – FaceTime For Mac Now in Chat Roulette’s Style

Written By Sam on 25 October 2010

FaceTime beta for Mac has been recently announced and was available for download from Apple and now we already have a clone of it in the Chatroulette style. Yes! You heard it right. A new application called Facelette, created by Zach Holman is now available that allows you to chat with strangers either through your FaceTime-compatible iOS device or through your Mac at an ease.

You can connect with unknown people and chat as long as you desire from your Mac books using this application. However, be a little cautious whilst accessing, as your email and phone number will be made public dispersed. Best part is Holman’s application has capabilities of inactivating ID when you stop using if for two minutes. As per the information received, Holman might soon enhance this application with capabilities of regularly purge inactive accounts as well!

Access Facelette Here – http://www.facelette.com/

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