Apple Rumored to Release Mac OS X Lion Through Mac App Store

Written By Sam on 5 May 2011

Apple has recently released its Mac OS X 10.7 Lion into the market and now rumors indicate that it might soon release updates through Mac App Store. As per the sources, Apple seems to be switching to new methods of digital distribution of Mac OS to the users. Instead of traditional methods which uses physical discs, Apple might provide the updates through Mac App Store enabling users to upgrade instantly without much haze.

As per the information received, Lion is available in pre-release builds which Apple has issued to developers and beta versions are already being downloaded from the Mac App store by providing Apple’s redemption code. We have recently seen that Apple’s redesigned MacBook Air comes with a Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard re-installer on a USB thumb drive, instead of a DVD. If Apple really provides Mac OS X Lion through Mac App Store, then it would be spectacular news to all the Mac users, as they need not buy any physical media or discs for updating their Mac OS’s. Apple is also expected to release optical disc especially for those people who may not have faster Internet connections and desire to install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Apple will make Mac App store a central hub for all important applications and software says sources. The hardware requirements for the Mac App Store will be the same as those for Snow Leopard that includes Intel-based processor, 5GB disk space and 1GB of system RAM, said another. Sources also indicate Apple will reveal distribution plans for Lion in Worldwide Developers Conference to be held San Francisco, where Apple also promises to showcase future of Mac operating system.

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