Apple Mac-Themed Event ‘Back to the Mac’ on October 20, Likely to Unveil the Mac OS X 10.7

Written By Sam on 14 October 2010

Apple is all set to bring to its users a refreshed Mac line of products along with a sneak peak of the next major Mac OS X version. Sending out media invites to an event appropriately titled ‘Back to the Mac’ being held at Cupertino on October 20, it sure brings speculation about the kind of improvements that will be showcased. Users are most inquisitive about the Mac OS X 10.7 version that the company claims will be showcased at the event. The invite itself opens doors to speculation, which includes a tilted aluminum brushed Apple logo with a lion peeking from behind.

As has been characteristic of the previous Mac OS X versions, there are many guesses as to which cat family this version would be named after. Of course, the peeking lion does suggest two possibilities, ‘Lion’ or ‘Panthera Leo’.

Last year Apple decided to go slow on adding new features to the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard version and decided instead to focus on improving and optimizing the operating system. So, one can expect that features that were expected to have been included in the Snow Leopard will now be a part of the new Mac OS X 10.7. These might include features like multi–touch and geo–location.

Since its announcement in Jan 2009, Apple did not have much to say about the MacBook Air. But today it has assigned Model Identifiers in each of its products which can be found in the OS update. Geekbench, which is a Mac OS X based benchmark tool accurately asses the memory performance and processor of a model and gives it a score accordingly. Hence, it is evident that using the Model identifiers one can establish the arrival of new MacBook Air models.

Apple has had its hands full with launches of the iPhone 4 and the iPad making sales to the tune of 8.4 million and 9.41 million respectively. It seems that Apple needs to put in the time to revamp the original Mac Products range and that is something we expect to see and can only wait to find out on October 20.

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