GNOME 2.28 Released With Many Improvements and Bug Fixes

Written By Sam on 7 October 2009

A new version of GNOME Desktop has been released with many bug fixes and improvements. GNOME is Free and Open Source Software and provides powerful platform for software developers, both on the desktop and in mobile applications. Some of the major features in GNOME 2.8 release are GNOME Bluetooth module, Time Tracker applet, Empathy Instant Messenger, Epiphany Web Browser and many more.


Features and Improvements in GNOME 2.8

GNOME Bluetooth module : GNOME Bluetooth helps users manage Bluetooth devices and supports hundreds of Bluetooth devices, including mice, keyboards and headsets. GNOME Bluetooth also supports Internet access through your mobile phone. After pairing your mobile phone with GNOME Bluetooth, NetworkManager will include an entry to use your mobile phone for Internet access.

Time Tracker Applet : This basically helps you to track your time and tasks. Other feature updates include improved auto-complete support and the ability to add earlier tasks that have been completed. The export functionality now includes the ability to filter activities by category and date prior to export and new simple export types: iCal to import into Evolution, Google Calendar and other clients, XML and TSV (Tab-Separated Values), which works well with spreadsheets.

Empathy Instant Messenger : You can now set your status message directly by typing the text or by setting it from a previously-set status. You can also reorganize your contacts by dragging and dropping instead of copying it. The new view menu gives you quick access to sorting contacts, viewing offline contacts and changing your contact list size preferences. Audio and video chats can now be made fullscreen and a redial feature has also been added making it easier to reconnect.

Epiphany Web Browser : Now it uses the WebKit instead of the Gecko for its rendering engine.

Other features and changes include Media Player Improvements with the ability to navigate DVD menus and resume playback from the last position, PDF Annotation, Fade In and Out, GNOME Power Manager supports laptops with multiple batteries, improved Orca Screen Reader, GNOME Platform improvements and GTK+ 2.18.

GNOME 2.28 Release Notes

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