[UK.Nook.com] Nook App For iOS and Android Updated For UK Debut

Written By Sam on 28 November 2012

Barnes & Noble has updated its Android and iOS Nook app and made it available for download in the UK. The new features on both platforms include language support for British English, French, Italian, German, Spanish. Barnes & Noble’s Nook apps have been updated with new features for iPhone, iPad and Android, and arrived in the UK download stores for the first time. The apps has also been updated for the iPhone 5’s additional screen real estate. Amongst the most interesting features the apps bring to users is the synchronization between their phones or tablets and e-readers.

Nook Sync keeps your point in the book up to date, as well as pulling across bookmarks, highlights, and any notes that have been made. Along with language features, it includes other features like iPhone 5 support, Voice Over functionality with Apple’s accessibility tools, there is also screen magnification on iOS devices. There’s also NOOK Newsstand, for digital magazines and newspapers, with print-style layout. You can find NOOK for Android in the Play store, while NOOK for iOS is available in the App Store and both are free downloads.

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