Chpwn Working on Official PwnageTool for Windows, Release Around the Corner

Written By Sam on 5 November 2010

If you have been following recent iH8Sn0w and MuscleNerd (iPhone Dev Team) on Twitter, things came to a boil recently but amidst the drama came an interesting revelation. Both iH8Sn0w and MuscleNerd (iPhone Dev Team) revealed via separate Tweets that Chpwn, a developer in the jailbreak community, is feverishly working to release a PwnageTool port for Windows.

Here’s the war of words:

iH8Sn0w: @syzwnghani well, looks like chpwn is working on pt for windows, so maybe never,

MuscleNerd: @iH8sn0w seriously…@chpwn is your age, and about to release a better version of PT for win. Don’t *blame* him for that.

For the uninitiated PwnageTool is an iPhone jailbreaking application for Mac OS X that creates custom iOS firmware images to user-defined specifications. These firmware images often contain the Apt interface Cydia as well as additional Apt packages. Apt, is the default package manager for the Debian Linux OS and has been widely praised as being one of the best, taking care of any issues that installing particular software may bring up, automatically. Although PwnageTool is only for Mac OS X, we had earlier heard a Windows version called WinPwn was being developed but is now retired because of lack of use.

Presently Sn0wbreeze developed by iH8sn0w is considered the unofficial Windows equivalent to PwnageTool for Mac and can facilitate users wanting to unlock their phones using Ultrasn0w. With an official PwnageTool for Windows likely to be released soon, the jailbreaking community has another new and important release to look forward to.

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